John Mogle with the BR110

John Mogle, CEO of Rizzini USA, poses with the BR110 Light.

Each year, the team at Rizzini work together to introduce new shotguns specific to the USA market and have been winning over shooters from both the hunting and competitive side with new introductory models such as the Fierce 1 and the revamped Vertex.  Critics and shooters alike are impressed by the lineup and Rizzini USA continues to grow year-after-year since John Mogle and his team grabbed the helm of the distributorship for the USA and Canada five years ago. 

This year, Team Rizzini worked together to bring the BR110 to the 2017 lineup for the US market.  It already has become the best seller for Rizzini USA and is offered on many dealer shelves across the nation, including big-box stores such as Cabelas, Reeds and Sportsmans Warehouse.

Since its release, the BR110 has been getting a lot of attention and has been one of the favorite O/U shotguns of 2017.  Field and Stream recently listed it as the Dream Gun for under $2000, along with recognition as one of the best new arrivals at the 2017 Shot Show. Now, to add to the accolades, Quail Forever has awarded “O/U Gun of the Year” to the BR110. 

The BR110 is a hard working hunting shotgun that is driven by a quick feel, strong mechanics and the ability to deliver on each shot.  While not highly adorned with fancy engraving like other higher-priced models, the BR110 still looks sleek and beautiful.  The Light model (aluminum action) is available in a cream coin finish while the standard model is offered in black.

John Mogle, CEO of Rizzini USA/Fierce Products states, “Some customers buy high-end over/under shotguns that hardly ever leave the case.  The BR110 is a workhorse and is that gun you grab to get out into the field with and start dropping targets and birds shot-after-shot.  It’s the gun you can get dirty and get the job done with and clean up at the end of the day and use again the next. That’s why this gun is so popular!  I think Quail Forever got it in their hands and saw that and experienced how well this gun performs and they realized the value of this gun and its price point.  We’re very happy to see them give the BR110 over/under gun of the year!”

More information on the BR110 and Rizzini USA and its products can be found at  To reach out over the phone for questions or more information, call the main office at (435) 528-5080.

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