The BR110 made the runner up for "dream gun" in the $1500-2000 range (Field and Stream magazine, May, 2017). According to the article, most people are looking for the ultimate upland game gun in this price range. The BR110 is a "no-frills Italian shotgun."

The article written by Phil Bourjaily lists the BR110 as a runner-up for best ultimate dream gun between the $1500-2000 price range, the most popular price bracket for a desired dream gun.

He writes  “[The BR110 is] an excellent, no-frills Italian o/u.  What sets the BR110 apart is what it does not have: a lot of fancy engraving, finely figured wood, or a high price tag. At $1,999 in 12, 20, and 28, it’s a very good-looking shotgun in an unadorned,  hard-hunting kind of way.”


IMG 9830    IMG 0751

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