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The BR110 made the runner up for "dream gun" in the $1500-2000 range (Field and Stream magazine, May, 2017). According to the article, most people are looking for the ultimate upland game gun in this price range. The BR110 is a "no-frills Italian shotgun."

The article written by Phil Bourjaily lists the BR110 as a runner-up for best ultimate dream gun between the $1500-2000 price range, the most popular price bracket for a desired dream gun.

By Sheppard Kelly

FOCUS’ Concentration, Purposefulness.  An apt description for Battista Rizzini’s Model BR440 International Trap gun.  From the moment the gun is removed from its case, assembled and shouldered, its function is apparent – to serve a shooter as the instrument by which he or she can win Gold medals at the highest levels of International Trap competition – World Cups and of course, the Olympics.  Every facet of its design – from barrels to rib to stock, is built with this singularity of purpose – to win!



Our booth at the Las Vegas was shoulder-to-shoulder at times as people were looking at the guns we had on display.  The Vertex is, no-doubt, our most popular shooting model because of it's price tag and performance and aesthetics, with Turkish walnut wood and Rizzini's reputation for building one of the best sporting actions on the market.  Field and Stream awarded the Vertex the #2 ranked shotgun at SHOT.  Read their write up:

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