Round Body Sporter

Competition Model

The Round Body Sporting model is new for the 2017 Rizzini USA lineup.  Founder of Rizzini, Battista Rizzini, impressed the shooting world with the introduction of the first Round Body field model.  Others have gone on to imitate the Round Body, due to its popular design and performance, but only Rizzini's design has stayed true and still remains the original and best in the industry. 

The Round Body sporting model is very welcomed to the competition-shooting realm, as it’s smooth feel, rounded action edges and quick-draw performance place it against many of the best competitor shotguns.   The price point for this model is another incentive for shooters to add this gun to their arsenal, whether their skillset is professional or amateur. 

As was the case with the introduction of the Round Body to the hunting arena, you can be sure others will try to imitate the Roundy Body sporting model.  But only Rizzini can remain the original and will continue to be the best.

MSRP: $3,295
$150 mail-in-rebate is available for this model. Download the rebate form here

Round Body Sporter

Round Body Sporter Premium